How eager would you be to watch a Peter McNeely/Mike Tyson rematch? Ever thought it would be fun to watch Lawrence Taylor chase Joe Theismann around a parking lot…in 2009? If so, you might be one a handful of persons impressed with the initiative of Utah Flash owner Brandt Anderson, who’d like Michael Jordan and Byron Russell to settle their recent pissing match with a game of one-on-one.

I will personally donate $100,00 to charity in the name of the winner. We can do it during the half time of the Utah Flash home opener on December 7th. $100,000 in cash for a 15 minute pickup game. MJ even you can™t say no to that.

Our venue is the perfect place for this challenge because it brings BRuss back to Utah and Michael Jordan has a home just outside of Park City (I have seen his Carolina Blue Jump Man plane on the runway at Million Air in SLC) so it is convenient for both guys. Not to mention that it would be sacrilegious to have this take place anywhere outside of Utah.

Think about the benefits for the two of them. BRuss wants some vindication and MJ puts that fire we have always seen to the test by lacing them up one more time in a casual ˜all for charity™ event.

Lorne Michaels
was unavailable for comment.