The Nets’ 116-112 defeat at lowly Golden State last night was, in the words of the Star-Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro, “a new winner for Worst Loss of the Season…one that actually tops Boston and New Orleans from last week, because we’re talking about an opponent that is counting the days toward summer vake.”

“When the hell is somebody going to kick down a door?” wonders D’Alessandro, who presumably was less than impressed with the muted reactions he found in the visitors’ home locker room.

If we had an emotional stake in this, we’d look to drive our head through a concrete wall.

“Yeah, but we have a game Friday,” Bobby Simmons said matter-of-factly. “And if you put your head through a wall, you can’t play Friday.”

No use asking Vince about this. A smile is his default expression. … or maybe just a shield to use against the ghastly (5-for-18) arithmetic.

You, sir: The one with the three field goals and three turnovers in the second half. Where’s your disgust?

“I’ve been there,” Devin Harris explained. “For one, I don’t want to hurt myself.”

Right. We know all about your dainty metatarsals.

“Obviously I’m not happy, but I try to stay as level as possible.”

But you just played a team that couldn’t care less, a team was begging to be beaten.

“Yes, they were.”

And you pissed another one away again.

“Yes, we did.”

Well, no sense losing your temper over that.