While Cleveland has a 28-22 lead over Boston after one quarter in the NBA 2008-09 opener, Cavs nemesis Gilbert Arenas is already in midseason form when it comes to quotability.  DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg caught the following snippet from Arenas’ most recent Dime profile :

“You can’t do anything. We played them last year in Washington and LeBron was injured. We were beating them by 30-something points. I told them, ‘you guys look like a bad NCAA team.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it ain’t easy when LeBron ain’t out there. You guys are [bleep]. You guys are garbage. You look like our practice team.’ They’ve got one megastar who’s carrying them, but you take him off the team and they’re the Cleveland NBDL team.

Gil was also asked whether DeShawn stupidly riled up LeBron by making that series into the most wildly entertaining first rounder of the year.

“No. LeBron’s scoring 30 because LeBron always scores 30. It’s not like he’s scoring 30 because he’s mad; that’s what he does….People like Charles Barkley saying DeShawn’s an idiot for getting LeBron riled up; you didn’t need stuff to get riled up when you were playing against Michael Jordan and those guys? Everyone talked so much trash, but that was the No. 1 watched series in the first round. We had Jay-Z making diss tapes. We had Soulja Boy. We made money for the NBA. It was an exciting series. What more do you want? People are saying DeShawn is stupid–he can’t be that stupid if he made one comment and now we’re playing [Cleveland] on Christmas Day. I’ve been in the League seven years and never played on Christmas. That one comment got us a Christmas game. That’s called marketing to me.

LeBron James told the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Boyer he had no plans to watch the Celtics receiving their rings and raise their Championship banner tonight.  Clearly, The Chosen One was under the misconception you can still get a pregame beer at Chet’s Last Call.