Mets 5, Giants 4 (12 innings)

(left to right : goat, hero)

While Willie Randolph felt comfortable enough trotting out the old “speed kills” line when chatting with Erin Andrews after the game (and much like two weeks ago against the Cubs, Jose Reyes can easily drive a reliever to distraction) and Carlos Delgado (2 HR’s, including the game winner in off a discombobulated Armando Benitez in the bottom of the 12th) is most assuredly All-The-Way-Back, much credit has to go to the evening’s undisputed star.

“Once again, the public have paid to see Bob Davidson!” howled Howie Rose during the first of Armando Benitez’ two 12 inning balks — the first moving Reyes into scoring position with none out, the 2nd scoring the Mets SS from 3rd with two outs in the frame. Benitez hadn’t balked in almost 4 years and you won’t find too many human Giants fans (nor Chris Russo) who won’t feel as though they were jobbed Tuesday night.

If you’re wondering why I’d resort to the dulcet tones of Howie Rose and Tom McCarthy when the contest was otherwise available in glorious HD nationwide, let’s just say that even the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay didn’t have to put up with both Dusty Baker and Rick Sutcliffe commenting on the same game. In addition to Sutcliffle’s lengthy defense of Barry Bonds (ie. the Sultan’s accomplishments occurred on “a level playing field” because pitchers had access to the same drugs, though “I’ve never even seen a steroid!”), the former Cubs reliever observed the Brewers — losers of 6 straight — were trailing the Braves, 3-0, in the 1st inning in Milwaukee.

“With John Smoltz on the mound, you might as well make that 7 in a row.” scoffed Sutcliffe.

Naturally, Prince Fielder would take Smoltz into Miller Park’s 2nd deck as Milwaukee came from behind for a 5-4 win. Apparently. Smoltz reinjured the same right pinky finger he’d previously hurt in a collision 15 days ago with the Nats’ Austin Kearns.