Following a club tour, the Tru Warrior is playing summer league ball and submitted to an interrogation by the Sacramento Bee’s Sam Amick :

Q: How much are you keeping an eye on what (Kings management) is doing? Right now, it seems like (free-agent shooting guard) Bonzi (Wells) is on the fence. How badly do you want to see him back next year?

A: Everybody wants Bonzi back, including me. Bonzi is very tough. He’s tough, and I know we can win a championship. I know it.

Q: Have you talked to him, done any campaigning to get him back?

A: He called me last week. I told him if he leaves, then I’m going to kill him. Unless he wants to die, he’s got to stay (with the Kings).

Q: How much would it set your goals back if he doesn’t come back?

A: I’m not even thinking that way right now. Bonzi’s a Sacramento King, right now. I think he’s still getting a check from them, too. Or maybe he is free, but he’s a Sacramento King.

Q: What about your offer to give up some of your money?

A: I would if they’d let me. I’ll put up $1 million if they’d let me.

Q: You have two years left on your deal (with a player option for the 2008-09 season). Have you given much thought to your next contract?

A: I’m not really thinking about it. I’m just going to play out my years. But it’d be a good thing (to extend his contract). I would love to get it done and get it out of the way. I just don’t want to get low-balled. Be fair. I’m not the type of guy where I want to break banks. I like players, and I’d rather the team had more money to get players rather than me have all the money.

DirectTV blacked out New York’s 89-70 loss to Phoenix in the Vegas Summer League last night, so I am only able to image just how completely Amare Stoudemire (26 points, 26 minutes) abused the young Knicks. David Lee scored 21 and collected 7 rebounds for New York, whom were the beneficiaries (I think that’s the word) of Stephon Marbury acting as assistant coach for the evening.

Danny Ainge thinks there’s something fishy about Mark Madsen going 0 for 7 from three point range (0 for 6 in two overtimes) in a season finale the T-Wolves may or may not have tanked against Memphis in order to ensure their lottery status. Writes the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Rick Alonzo —- previously noting that Minnesota sat KG and Ricky Davis for the final 10 days of the season,

Wolves coach Dwane Casey said he wasn’t trying to disrespect the sport and that Madsen’s three-point barrage was all in fun.

That should mollify anyone purchasing a ticket for an otherwise meaningless end-of-the-regular-season game. But if you wanted to watch Madsen make a jackass of himself, it wouldn’t cost you $75.