Though the Orlando Sentinel’s Brian Schmitz describes his reaction to John Amaechi’s coming out as “whatever”, he can’t resist the following aside :

A young friend of Meech’s that he mentored while in Orlando — Meech worked with lots of troubled teens — tells me today that John never did anything untoward. Never.

Man, that’s a huge relief. But I look forward to just as many character references in Schmitz’ blog on behalf of ballers who aren’t gay.

The Knicks may have dispatched the Clippers with aplomb
last night, but David Lee’s physical abuse at the bands of Tim Thomas was the source of considerable mirth after the game.  How much self-control must Lee summon to not, y’know, step on Nate Robinson?

J.R. Rider was sentenced to 7 months in jail today for a variety of charges including felony cocaine possession, battery and evading a police officer.  No charges were filed concerning Rider being the inspiration for the cell-phone saga “I’ve Got The Hook Up”.

There are some interesting comments from Raptors coach Sam Mitchell on the coachability of European players in today’s Toronto Star.  The next time Sam’s asked about that kind of thing, he might want to cite the case of a very tall, young underachiever in Orlando.

Normally, I try to steer clear of controversial subjects, but in this case, I’m voting for “Shaved Dirk”.