Earlier today, Pro Basketball News’ Sam Amico reported the following :

Indiana is nearing a three-team trade that would send swingman Ron Artest to the Los Angeles Lakers, a league source has told ProBasketballNews.com.

Meanwhile, Lakers forward Devean George would end up in Indiana.

The third team involved in the proposed trade is the Toronto Raptors, according to the source. The Raptors would send Jalen Rose to Los Angeles — and in return receive Pacers forward Austin Croshere and at least one player from the Lakers.

The source added that George and an undetermined player from the Raptors — or perhaps a draft pick — would be to dealt to the Pacers.

“Basically, it’s Artest for Devean George, with the Raptors getting involved to make it work financially,” the source said. “When and if it happens, this will be a trade that consists of plenty of throw-ins.”

Rotoworld quotes the Indianpolis Star’s Mark Montieth as dismissing said deal, suggesting a swap with the Nuggets for Nene is the more likely scenario.

Sonics F Danny Fortson, no doubt ready to blame the whole thing on Peter Vescey, has been suspended by the league for two games for the wonderfully worded “failure to leave the court in a timely manner” after his ejection in last night’s visit to Minneapolis.