…if not the calendar year comes from actor John C. McGinley (Dr. Perry Cox on NBC’s “Scrubs”), as interviewed by Dodger Thoughts’ Jon Weissman (link swiped from Baseball Musings’ David Pinto)

Obviously, McGinley is not alone among actors in his sports infatuation. John Cusack is deep into it, according to McGinley, though no one may be more hardcore than D.B Sweeney of Eight Men Out and The Cutting Edge.

“Sweeney is right up there,” McGinley said. “And (Tom) Sizemore, before he got into all this trouble, he had close to a photographic memory. He was kind of like Bob Costas; he was unbelievable.

Unless someone (any bloggers from Albany feel up to it?) wants to testify that Tom Sizemore is a really nice guy, I think we’ll have to let McGinley’s comment stand. The Bob Costas comparison is a curious one — maybe he really meant Jean Louis Costes?