In proof that you don’t have to go to journalism school (or even be able to read very well) to have journalistic instincts, I have been cultivating a source deep within the hierarchy for some time. Mostly because he knows a lot about University of Kentucky sports. I’ve never believed him when he says so, but he insists that working there is not always a dream job. For one thing, Joel Hunt isn’t there anymore, which dampens things. And there’s the constant threat of A.J. Pierzynski’s “noogie patrol” and other unnanounced and frankly unwelcome visits from Big League figures. But the perks are considerable. For instance, he was the first to receive this press release from the Milwaukee Brewers regarding their “Very Meat Trick-Or-Treat” event:

(The) Famous Klement’s Racing Sausages are taking to area neighborhoods this Tuesday night with a not-so-scary surprise. Two undisclosed neighborhoods will be visited by the celebrity runners, who will ring doorbells and present residents who answer with free tickets to a 2007 game.

The Sausages seasoned their skills with a test run yesterday, visiting houses randomly in a neighborhood near Miller Park. The locations for Tuesday will remain undisclosed – not only to surprise the locals, but also out of The Sausages’ natural fear of attracting ghosts and goblins!

And so begins a long winter withut baseball. Milwaukee-area readers have been warned. New Yorkers should be advised that Carlos Beltran will be going door-to-door in Flushing, Queens and then staring helplessly at doorbells.