The Sporting News’ Ken Rosenthal spoke with Houston owner Drayton McLane.

If the Yankees think Roger Clemens might be the answer to their rotation problems, they need to think again. The Astros will not trade Clemens, team owner Drayton McLane said Thursday.

“There are no conditions under which I would do that,” McLane said. “I’m committed to winning, not breaking up a team.”

Poor run support ” and a blown save by closer Brad Lidge on Wednesday ” have resulted in Clemens going 1-1 in his first six starts, despite a 1.29 ERA that ties him with the Marlins’ Dontrelle Willis for the league lead. Even if the Astros continued to flounder, Clemens would risk tarnishing his image if he clamored for a trade out of his hometown. McLane said that he is obligated to his ticket buyers to keep Clemens and make the strongest attempt possible at helping the team reach its first World Series.

“Integrity and honesty ” those are some of the main reasons I wouldn’t (trade Clemens),” McLane said. “People are very excited about Roger. He has won seven Cy Youngs. He’s a Houston person, a Texan.

McLane is so commited to winning that he allowed Jeff Kent and Carlos Beltran to go to other clubs….and responded by giving Clemens the biggest raise in history, along with a massive extension for flag football buff Lance Berkman. Much the way A-Rod’s deal with the Rangers prevented the club from spending on pitching (save for Chan Ho Park), Clemens’ one year pact with McLane could’ve also been used to replace Kent and Beltran’s production.

Clemens is such a Houston person, he can’t be dragged out of town for road trips.