(not only has the Celtics captain been ejected, but he’s just seen someone holding a sign reading “Will Someone Please Mug Paul Pierce And Then Fall Down Like They’ve Been Shot?”)

After watching a replay of last night’s Boston’ 82-79 win over Indiana, I’m wondering exactly when Jamal Tinsley morphed into Robbie Savage? After losing a chance a clinch the series at home, the Pacers’ Stephen Jackson is wonder why he’s catching the blame. From the Indianpolis Star’s Jeff Rabjohns.

“It’s my fault they said. We lost, and it’s my fault. It’s my fault. That’s the word,” Jackson said.

Reached after leaving Conseco Fieldhouse, Jackson was asked if he got into it with Pacers forward Jermaine O’Neal during the game.

“We talked. We didn’t argue,” Jackson said.

But in two separate exchanges with the media after the Game 6 loss that tied the first-round series at three games apiece, Jackson said he was singled out. Jackson declined to name the source of the blame, saying only that it was “more than one” person associated with the team.

“It’s not my place to say who said what, but they know what they said,” Jackson said. “I’ll take the blame for it. If you all feel it’s my fault, then you all should agree with them. I don’t agree, but hey, that’s basketball.”

Veteran forward Dale Davis said he didn’t make the comments to Jackson, but he heard them.

“There were some words said, but that’s neither here nor there,” Davis said.

Davis later added, “Our main purpose is to go out there and play together and win. Stephen has to accept the fact of his role and the position that he’s in. The most important thing is just focusing on basketball.”

In Thursday’s loss, Jackson was 5-for-15 from the field, including 1-for-6 from the 3-point line, for 14 points. He also had five rebounds, two assists and four turnovers in 47 minutes. He took more shots than anyone except O’Neal (6-for-19), even though the Pacers didn’t run many plays specifically for him.

Jackson said he’ll be able to put the incident behind him for Saturday’s series-deciding game in Boston.

“If I don’t put it behind me, then everything people’s been saying about me is going to be true,” he said. “You know everything they say, ‘I shouldn’t be here. . . . I’m a nut. I don’t know how to play. My emotions hurt the team.”

I’m for my team. I got fined $2 million (lost salary from his 30-game suspension) because I went to war for my team. I will always be there. More than me taking it personally, it hurt because I do everything I can. I felt disrespected by hearing that.

“I am hurt because I will do anything for anybody on this team or in this organization.”