If only the late, great Laura Carter had been working security, this sort of thing would’ve never happened.  From the Augusta Chronicle’s Rebecca K. Quigley.

University of Georgia hoopsters pounded the Jacksonville Dolphins Tuesday night, but mascots Hairy Dawg (above) and Spike got an unprovoked beating of their own from a pair of drunken high-schoolers at the game as guests of a UGA student.Immediately after the halftime show, thousands of fans at Stegeman Coliseum saw the teens run from their seats to the court floor and, according to a UGA police report, “attack two University of Georgia mascots.”

UGA students Tyler Martin, dressed as Spike, and William “Trey” Dunn, dressed as Hairy Dawg, were knocked to the hardwood floor, but not before the tangle of teens and mascots took down three young girls who had just finished performing in the halftime show.

A UGA police officer working security at the game separated the 18-year-olds from the pile and said they smelled of alcohol and were carrying small knives. Breathalyzer tests showed both had 0.12 percent blood-alcohol levels, well above the 0.08 level at which a driver is presumed to be drunk.

Police arrested Charlie Taylor Douglas of Reynolds and Richard Alexander Perry of Fort Valley on charges of battery, reckless conduct, underage possession of alcohol, public drunkenness and carrying a weapon on school property.