Former Raptors head coach Sam Mitchell  (above, left)— currently ensconced as an assistant in Newark, where the Carmelo-Coveting has kicked into high gear, visited Toronto Friday night for the first time since the end of his tenure in that fair city.  TSN’s James Cybulski fondly recalls Mitchell’s approach towards the Fourth Estate, which apparently, was already in fine fettle before he’d even presided over his first Raptors game.

Cybulski: How do you like the city?

Mitchell: It’s good. Still figuring it out but I like it.

Cybulski: Are you settled in yet?

Mitchell: Not yet, but we’re getting there.

Cybulski: Do you have a young family to move up here as well and get adjusted?

(It was here that Sam went a touch sideways)

Mitchell: What the @$%& is up, man? What’s with all the questions? You trying kidnap my kids or something?

Cybulski: Sorry, I was just trying to make some chit-chat.

Mitchell: Labumbard, whats up with this #*$&%¤ guy? Is this guy trying to hi-jack my *$#& family!?

Labumbard: Well, Sam…it’s just people are a little nicer up here.

Mitchell: What the $+*#?