David Allan Coe once sang “Divers do it deeper”, but don’t tell that to the LA Kings’ Sean Avery (above), who unloaded yesterday to a blushing Rich Hammond of the LA Daily News.

Sean Avery, upset about being fined $1,000 for an alleged diving incident, unleashed his verbal fury Monday after he learned the fine will not be revoked.

“It’s a (expletive) joke and the players’ association is a (expletive) joke,” Avery said.

Avery received the fine after his second diving violation of the season, which took place Nov. 3 at Phoenix. Avery sought to appeal the fine, which the league office issued although Avery was not penalized on the play, but Avery will have to pay, and perhaps pay another fine after Monday’s outburst.

Avery said he took issue not with league referees but with league discipline czar Colin Campbell – who could not be reached for comment Monday – and other NHL officials. Avery said he feels he is being targeted by the league for his outspoken nature.

“No question,” Avery said. “I’m sure (the fine) is just an excuse for the league to do something to me. This is obviously Colin Campbell sitting at his desk, or whoever looks at the tape (making decisions).”

Avery’s frustration with the players’ association stems from the fact that they agreed to let the league make decisions about fines and suspensions for diving penalties by looking at game tapes.

The rule was designed by what Avery sarcastically called “our great competition committee,” which includes four players, four general managers and one owner. Players are fined after their second diving violation and suspended for one game after their fourth violation.

“They let one guy sitting in New York decide what’s a dive and what isn’t,” Avery said. “You don’t know if a guy has a bad ankle or a bursa sac (problem) or what’s wrong with him. They can give you a fine when there’s not even a penalty and in my case it wasn’t even a penalty.”