(Mike comes through for the Make A Wish Foundation after a young boy’s 3 other choices —- Dan Marino, Dontrelle Willis or a naked woman — are unavailable).

Praying that Mike Lowell’s horrible 2005 was an aberration rather than the begining of the end of his career, other teams are willing to chance on the third baseman writes the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Juan C. Rodriguez.

Owed $9 million each of the next two seasons, Lowell is tradable if the Marlins are willing to absorb some of the remaining dollars. According to a front office official who has spoken with the Marlins, they had “a few hits” on Lowell this past week.

With one unidentified team the Marlins discussed a scenario in which they would cover half of Lowell’s remaining salary. They did not discuss any package deals involving Lowell and Carlos Delgado.

“It will get down to how much Florida is willing to pay,” said one official from a club monitoring the Lowell situation.

The Brewers and Orioles were among the teams that might have inquired about Lowell, but they are going with Bill Hall and Melvin Mora at their respective hot corners.

One club that could take him at a discount is the Minnesota Twins. Former Marlin and Lowell friend Mike Redmond last season got in the front office’s ear about acquiring the Gold Glove winner.

Once their general manager situations are resolved, the Dodgers and Red Sox also could look at Lowell.