It’s not that Kansas City’s Allard Baird didn’t have a job for life. But who knew that the lifespan in question would be that of Mister Softee inventor James Conway, Sr.?

From the Kansas City Star’s Bob Dutton.

The Royals fired general manager Allard Baird this morning in anticipation of announcing the hiring of Atlanta assistant Dayton Moore as his replacement.

The club declined official comment regarding the moves, but Baird confirmed he had been fired.

œI was told this morning, he said. œBeyond that, I don™t have anything to say.

Sources say Moore is getting a five-year contract and complete control over baseball operations in a commitment to turn around a franchise that has lost 100 or more games in three of the last four seasons.

Moore, 39, is expected to take control, officially, next week upon completion of baseball™s two-day draft. Sources said assistant general manager Muzzy Jackson will replace Baird on an interim basis.

Almost on cue, the Royals are blowing a chance to Win One For Muzzy. Scott Elarton allowed a first inning 2-run HR to Oakland’s Frank Thomas, and the A’s lead, 2-0.