The Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan submits that manager Dusty Baker and GM Jim Hendry’s appearances at this weekend’s Cubs Convention might match rival Kenny Williams’ contentious afternoons at past Sox Fests.

If that means there’s a Ron Santo/Jay Mariotti punch-up to follow, all the more fun for everyone.

Devil Rays’ OF Aubrey Huff unloaded on Tampa radio yesterday, demanding (!) that the club either “trade me or stop discussing it” Though of course, it isn’t so easy to trade a player without discussion. From the Tampa Tribune’s Eduardo Encina.

“As soon as I signed my three-year deal [in 2004], probably a week after I signed my deal, there [were] rumors of me getting traded already,” Huff said Wednesday morning, speaking on “The Cowhead Show” on WXTB, 97.9 FM. “That’s happened every year since then. If you want to trade me, trade me. Just get it over with. I’m sick of hearing the rumors. If you want to do it, do it. If not, let’s stop talking about it.”

Huff, who is in the final year of his three-year, $14.5 million contract, expressed frustration about six losing seasons with the Devil Rays, terming the team’s old ownership as “a joke.” However, he said he has nothing against the Rays’ new ownership group.

Huff also said the organization has not done enough to improve this offseason, saying the $10 million being used to refurbish Tropicana Field would be better utilized by signing a top-level free agent.

“If I had a chance to go to a contender, it would be great,” Huff said. “I really don’t think with what we’ve done in the offseason, we’ve become a contender. We really haven’t made any moves. We really haven’t done anything. ¦ The Red Sox and the Yankees, they are what they are. The Blue Jays spent a lot of money this year. Last year the Orioles spent a lot of money to get better. It just seems like we’re in limbo every year.”