In the aftermath of Baltimore’s highly contentious 26-10 defeat of Miami yesterday, it would take some doing to overshadow Dolphins LB Channing Crowder not knowing the difference between Anne Frank and Helen Keller, but leave it to Ravens WR Derrick Mason to provide rhetorical punishment far more lasting.  From the Sun-Sentinel’s Mike Beradino :

What did Mason say to Crowder with his play Sunday?

œThat I™m not getting old. He™s the one who™s getting old, Mason said. œAnd he™s, what, 26? He played like he was 36. And I played like I was 26. I think if you look at the film, I play like I™m 26 every week. So I can be old through the week. I™ll take it, man. I got two children at home. When it comes to Sunday, you have to execute.

Did Channing talk much during the game?

œOh, he talked in the first half, Mason said. œIn the second half you didn™t hear him too much. One, they pulled him out of the game. Two, he wasn™t making any plays. There comes a time when you™re not making any plays, you should learn from it and humble yourself.

œHe should learn from the other 10 guys that he™s playing with. Those guys play hard. They showed that by what they were able to do in the red zone, especially early in the game.  He just might be the weak link on their team.