There’s been a bit of screech mania on yack radio today over Vince Young running the 40 yard dash in a not-quite world record 4.58 seconds.

It was pointed out, for example, that other QB’s in this draft class had faster times.

With all due respect to the NFL scouting mavens, if a QB’s speed running in a straight line was the single most important factor come draft day, the Raiders would’ve given Carl Lewis the ball a long time ago (and who amongst us wouldn’t have wanted to see that?)

So Marcus Vick was faster? When trying to outrun the police, that’s probably very useful. But while trying to manuever through an opposing defense, being able to take a hit might be meaningful, too.

A scrambling QB is gonna be held to a higher standard than a pure pocket passer in this category, I understand. But the stopwatch isn’t going to measure Young’s creativity nor durability.

And besides, everyone knows the 40 yard dash is culturally biased against slow people.