It isn’t enough that Barry Bonds has admitted the use of performance enhancing drugs to a grand jury. Now, reports that the Giants have sought and obtained permission to have Bonds take his spring training at bats as a designated hitter.

The Cincinnati Reds were given permission last weekend to use a DH in five home games starting Thursday so that Ken Griffey Jr. can bat without playing the field. In spring training, the DH usually is used only at the home parks of American League teams.

“After I read that the Reds had approached MLB on this issue and were granted approval, I decided to call MLB myself and ask that Barry be accorded the same privilege while he recovers from his knee surgery,” Giants assistant general manager Ned Colletti said. “What MLB told me was that as long as we offered the visiting team the same opportunity to use a DH during one of our home games and contacted MLB before we do it, it would be OK.

“I can’t image a team saying no to this,” Colletti said. “They would have the same opportunity to give a batter at-bats using the DH rule.”

Congratulations to MLB on allowing the Giants and Reds to make up the rules as they go along. It goes without saying that exhibition games count for zilch, but if they aren’t even supposed to mimmick actual game situations, why not just let Barry take BP until he’s tired?

In other Cactus League drama, White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski showed that he’s as a cheap as he is petty by giving teammate OF Joe Borchard $100 for homering off the former’s ex-teammate Brett Tomko.

On the other hand, perhaps Pierzynski is smarter than he looks in offering such a modest bounty. If the former Giants receiver has to pay everyone who goes yard against Tomko this season, he might as well set a low rate before he’s forced to ask for a midseason raise.