Following Portland’s 95-93 defeat of Minnesota Saturday evening, Brandon Roy signed his sneakers and and presented the pair to a clubhouse attendent. While the intended recipient in the T-Wolves locker room turned out to be Mark Madsen, there’s a little more to this curious tale, as told by the Oregonian’s Jason Quick.

Madsen didn’t play – but Roy said he was asked by a Timberwolves player for his shoes during the fourth quarter.

“And it wasn’t the player I gave the shoes to, either,” Roy said.

As the rest of the media horde listened, people starting trying to guess which player asked, but was not given, Roy’s shoes.

“…Sebastian (Telfair)?” came one of the guesses.

“(Bleep) Sebastian,” a disgusted voice said nearby.

That voice was Blazers guard Jerryd Bayless (above), whose locker is next to Roy’s.

There were a few “oohs” when he said it, and jokingly I turned to Bayless and said “Quote, unquote”, playfully threatening to quote him.

“I don’t care,” Bayless said, cinching up his tie.

Later, I went back to Bayless and made sure I could quote him.

“As long as you don’t use the cuss word,” Bayless said.