Who amongst us is confident a trioa of Brian Schneider, Ramon Castro and Robinson Cancel provides sufficient offensive production at catcher for the 2009 New York Mets?  If you’re sitting on your hands, take solace in knowing you have something in common with 1B Carlos Delgado.   Flushing’s no. 1 conscientious objector witnessed Ivan Rodriguez clobbering a pair of HR’s in Puerto Rico’s 7-0 drubbing of Panama Saturday and wonders if the slim, trim I-Rod wouldn’t look good in a Mets uniform.  From Newsday’s Jim Baumbach :

“If you ask me publicly, I will advocate for Ivan because I know that he can help us,” Delgado said. “There was representation from the Mets here. Not only the players, but the managers, too.”

Rodriguez last week told The Associated Press that he thinks he could be a good fit with the Mets, who have been contemplating finding an upgrade over Ramon Castro. “The only thing I can control is to keep on working and preparing myself physically for any opportunity, either with the Mets or any team,” Rodriguez said when asked about the Mets. “I will be ready.”

Delgado, who hit a solo homer, even joked that he was so impressed by Rodriguez that he’s going to take over as Pudge’s agent. “I am so lucky Tony (Bernazard) came personally,” Delgado said, “and I don’t have to do the dirty work.”

That’s the same assistant GM Bernazard, btw, that Delgado hasn’t always been so pleased to be associated with.