The Kruky Monster listed his criteria as the following ;
1) Appearance / Personality
2) Hair
3) Talent
4) Golf Game (!)

Hot dog in hand (I’m not making this up), Sir Kruk selected the following roster :

1B) Sean Casey (despite having been thrown out on an “alleged” single to left field)
2B) Orlando Hudson
SS) Jose Reyes
3B) Brandon Inge (Kruk dismissed A-Rod, David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman as “politically correct”)
LF) Manny Being Manny
CF) Eric Byrnes
RF) Nick Swisher
C) A.J. Pierzeynski
RHSP) Roger Clemens
LHSP) David Wells
LHRP) Denny Reyes
RHSP) Joel Zumaya
closer) Bob Wickman
DH) Adam Dunn
manager) Ozzie Guillen
(bench : Nick Punto, Gary Matthews Jr.)

Karl Ravetch did his best Dick Smothers impersonation, but this was not a proud moment for baseball, television or the human race.