Maybe today will be the day we receive a verdict in Barry Bonds’ federal perjury trial.  Or perhaps the deliberations will drag on, as will the cost to the taxpayer.  Though I’m not certain what the statute of limitations is for crimes of this nature, in the view of Bugs & Cranks’ Patrick Smith, The Sultan Of Surly deserves to walk if for no other reason than this stuff (allegedly) happened a very long time ago.

Know what was number one eight years ago? “In Da Club” by 50 Cent. Play that at a party this weekend and your guests will look at you like you’re wearing a leisure suit. You know what the big summer movie was in 2003? “Finding Nemo.” How many times have you seen that movie? Even if you don’t have kids, it’s been impossible to escape “Finding Nemo” over the past eight years. World Series in 2003? The Marlins beat the Yankees. You don’t even remember that, do you?

It’s eight years old. It’s done. It’s stale. It’s played.

Jurors, it’s up to you. Do baseball and your country a favor: not guilty by reason of boredom.