OK, perhaps he’s not gone nearly that far.  But after former Angels/Astros 2nd place-finish specialist Terry Collins was introduced as the new manager of the New York Mets Tuesday, Bugs & Cranks’ Brad Bortone was amongst the earliest to argue GM Sandy Alderson “thought long and hard¦and gave us a 61-year old pile of vanilla.”  Hey, at least he measures up to Wally Backman in one respect.

Let™s not forget about 1999, when Collins had so many problems with Mo Vaughn (and subsequently, the rest of the Anaheim Angels) that the team signed a petition to have him removed. He ultimately resigned from his job.

Yes, this was a long time ago. But I highly doubt advancing into his golden years has made him easier to deal with.

OH, don™t let me forget that Collins hasn™t held a major league managing job since 1999. He spent last year languishing within the Mets™ farm system as a field¦um¦talent¦um¦minor league¦um ” ah f“k it, who knows what he was doing for the organization last year.

But he™s a safe choice. He won™t do anything moronic like Jerry. He won™t waffle with the media like Willie. He won™t kick dirt on sacred umpire pants like Wally. He™ll be safe¦and level-headed¦and boring.

And, if anyone is making the same Sandy Alderson-Art Howe comparisons as I am right now, let me know.