The Akron Beacon-Journal’s Brian Windhorst was in Charlotte Saturday night for the latest bit of capitulation on the part of the LeBron-less Cavaliers. If 6 turnovers by Daniel Gibson wasn’t cause enough for concern, Windhorst takes issue with what’s coming out of the tannoy.

The Bobcats are about the fifth team that I™ve seen that uses that Kanye West Stronger song during their intros. That includes the Cavs. C™mon NBA, how about some original thinking. In general, NBA intros have become very, very lame and that includes the Q, where this year™s version is below their previous standard. Here™s what happens in every arena: There™s a bunch of highlights where the crowd just watches and doesn™t cheer spliced in with players in boring setup shots clowning around or looking mean, then there™s some smoke or fireworks and they announce the names with piped in crowd noise. Not that I could do it better, I™m just saying all of them have gotten boring.

No disrespect to Windhorst or West, but I’m pretty sure I heard the Pagans’ “What’s This Shit Called Love?” the last time I went to see the Cavs play in person.

That might’ve been because I’d not removed my headphones, but nobody’s stopping the Quicken Loans guy from making a deal with Mike Hudson.