With the possible exception of walking into restaurants claiming to be Tom Arnold (sorry, Rog), could there be a worse public figure to pass oneself off as than Sir Romo?  From the Palm Beach Post’s Andrew Abramson :

Ed McCabe, who organized charity golf tournaments while pretending to be a former Oakland Raider, downloaded a photograph of Bill Romanowski (above), who played for the Raiders from 2002 to 2003.

McCabe altered the No. 53 to his fantasy league No. 29. And, voilà, Romanowski was transformed into Ed McCabe, who claimed to be a member of the Raiders during their 1980 championship season.Last week, McCabe acknowledged to The Palm Beach Post that he never appeared in an NFL game and did not play college football, but maintained that the photo was taken during a 1980 tryout with the Raiders. Oakland has no record of McCabe ever trying out for the team.

The photo actually was shot more than 20 years later. Romanowski was a 6-foot-4 linebacker, while McCabe, at 5-foot-10, claimed to be a safety.

Romanowski, who sells nutritional products on the Internet, recounted an instance in which he had been impersonated. Once, a man pretended to be Romanowski to pick up women and try to embezzle money.“I think it’s pretty sad that someone would have to do that,” he said of McCabe. “At least he could have changed the number to 58. It would have been a lot easier, just change the 3 to an 8.”