While observing Texas’ non-conference struggle with Texas Southern this evening, I found myself flipping around the dial of my XM portable hoping to catch up with what turned out to be a Mets rout in Miami. During the 7th inning of A.J. Burnett’s solid performance against the Yankees, the Blue Jays pitcher was visited on the mound by John Gibbons, which led to the following exchange between WCBS’ John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman (above).

Sterling : …and the home plate umpire moves to break up the confab. Whatever a confab is.

Waldman : Everytime you say confab…(dreamily) I think of a procession of tanks coming down the street.

Almost as classic was Mike Shannon’s reaction in the midst of the Rockies/Cards game to being told the Nationals were suddenly 3-0.

“You don’t wanna play the lowly teams early,” grumbled Shannon. “They don’t know how bad they are yet.”

After being one-hit by a combination of Tim Redding, Luis Ayala and John Rauch (Rumble) this evening, I’m not sure we know how bad the Phillies are, either.

One of the marks of a great ballclub is how it handles adversity. I’m not sure yet how the Mets will cope with the loss of Pedro Martinez for 4-6 weeks, nor can I predict how the Mariners might manage sans the closing skills of J.J. Putz for two weeks. But I’m sure we can all agree, denied the coaching services of Larry Bowa for all of 3 games, the Los Angeles Dodgers are totally fucked.