Pittsburgh 23, Denver 3 (halftime)

What a shocker. Can you believe it? Who would’ve predicted such a thing? Deacon Jones outlived Tony Randle!

I’m way out of line questioning whatever Mike Shanahan did to get his Broncos ready for this game, but if he ever makes it to a Conference Championship again, he might wanna try having the full squad assemble in Denver a couple of weeks before the game. Seems like those guys just aren’t used to the high altitude.

14 points for the Steelers thus far on Senor Psuedo Snake’s turnovers (one fumble, one interception with less than two minutes in the half). Barring a miracle comeback, Jake Plummer might want to consider a disguise in the off-season (eg. a horrible beard and longish hair befitting a homeless guy). Failing that, there might be some Elway masks left over from Halloween.

I’m not quite sure where the NFL’s commericals with Don Cheadle are heading (besides around and around), but I do think it is a shame that Ken Wahl’s spots remain on the cutting room floor.

Bonnie Bernstein reported that Bill Cowher attempted to “brainwash” his Steelers into believing the score was 0-0 at halftime. Seems to me that such an approach wasn’t ambitious enough —- not when he could’ve convinced his players they were trailing by ten points, and each of them had to sign over their game-checks to his personal foundation. He could’ve also tried making the team believe he was a beautiful woman, but I realize Cowher only had 15 minutes to work with.