Since the proprietor of a website I affectionately refer to as Gutless, Meet Brainless has accused (?) CSTB of being on “a worldwide campaign to erradicate racism” (not nearly as ambitious, I’ll admit, as a 24-7 campaign to plead for traffic from the other Mensa candidates that populate Deadspin’s comments section), let’s turn the alleged crusade to our neighbor to the north.

Montreal’s 33-24 defeat of Toronto put the former in next Sunday’s Grey Cup against British Columbia, but there’s some lingering bad vibes from Argonauts WR Arland Bruce (above), as recounted by the Toronto Star’s Allen Ryan.

There was a little backpedalling yesterday as the Argos’ longest day of the season became that much longer owing to Bruce’s untimely, indelicate rant that also made reference to the Alouettes “paying off” officials.

Some of the lowlights:

“I think they’re racist, man. They (the refs) don’t like Pinball (coach Mike Clemons), I’ll tell you that.”

“They’ve (the Als) got a 13th man with the crowd and a 14th man with the referees.”

“Good luck to them (Als) in the Grey Cup. I hope they pay them off there, too.”

“It wasn’t a statement,” Bruce said yesterday, specifically to his charge of racism, to probably the largest media gathering of the season at the team’s Mississauga training facility.

“I didn’t say the referees are racist or this league is racist. I just said it as a question. Is it possible for that to happen?”

Possible, but not permissible. On Tuesday, Bruce was fined an undisclosed amount by the CFL.