Writes Ben Schwartz,

Dusty still explaining away his .167 in the ’81 World Series to the Tribune’s Paul Sullivan :

“Baker said it was a bittersweet Series because he broke his hand in a fight after the NLCS and struggled with a .167 average. Baker had kept it a secret from most everyone but his teammates and family. ‘I didn’t like people talking how I was choking and all that stuff,” Baker said. “But it was my fault. If it’s your fault, you’ve got to eat it.'”

Assuming he really did have a broken hand and isn’t just covering … how is it this is the last graf in a story about Kerry Wood’s arm rehab and completely vague 2006 start prospects?  Gives you some insight into DB’s sensitivity to injured players and their long term career prospects, tho. One can only imagine the locker room pep talk Dusty gave Wood and Prior: “Hell, I played a World Series with a broken hand and you tell me you’re sore?  Get out there!”

J.D. Drew’s two-out RBI single in the botton of the 9th broke a 1-1 deadlock and gave the Dodgers a win over the Cubs late Tuesday night.