From’s Carrie Muskat : The 2006 season is the last year of Cubs manager Dusty Baker’s contract and he has said he doesn’t want to talk about an extension. What are your thoughts on that?

Hendry: He and I never talk about contracts, just like I don’t talk about my own situation with Andy [MacPhail]. It’s just something I don’t put a lot of stock in. When you sign a deal, that’s what the deal is. There was never any intent of Dusty to leave, there was never any intent on my part of wanting him to leave, there was never any thought of him not coming back next year. It’s really something that the two people involved in it — him and myself — we never talk about it. It’s not even an issue.

Replies Ben Schwartz,

That’s not too depressing, is it? Sounds like the same warm relations that Hendry & co. had with Stone, Sosa, Alou, just before they all left. I realize I’m supposed to look forward to a White Sox/Cardinals Mid-West classic this month, but the interview with Jim Hendry on the Cubs site today is ridiculous. It’s fitting that it’s Hednry’s mug up there when the word “disappointing” flashes past. As he plans his in-house Phoenix meetings with scouts in November, his argument that the Cub payroll has never been the problem kind of ducks the point that how you spend it is what counts, not how much. And it’s not going to get any better, as the IRS just slapped Tribune Media with a $1 billion tax bill, so Hendry’s Republican bosses join Tom DeLay and Bill Frist this week in the GOP $$$ scandals.