Says Mr. Schwartz,

Maybe you can find more information on this, I couldn’t, but this blog and this newspaper are spreading the rumor that Artie Moreno and the Angels want to buy Pat Boone’s KDOC for $250 million and build their own network ala the Cubs and WGN. It’s a weird signal to send out — I want a new stadium or I move but I’m still buying heavily into your community. Considering how lame duck the Dodgers look as to their LA presence, a truly aggressive move.

Thanks, Ben. I spent a day and a half in LA this week and saw far more Angels signage than I did posters, billboards, whatever for the Dodgers. I like Artie’s TV gambit —imagine all the programming hours Rex Hudler can fill during the off-season with 420-friendly films? And if it doesn’t work out, maybe Dr. Gene Scott will buy the station?