Ben writes,

The Tribune has declared it’s own ‘buyback’ program of its stock a major success, and despite the urging of major shareholders in LA (who most likely have been taking their financial advice from my posts here) to sell the Cubs, the Trib has chosen to keep them and base it’s new financial structure on pissing me off. As far as buyback plans go, I just finished watching Batman Begins in which Bruce Wayne pulls the same move on his own corrupt company and it proved devastatingly effective. I advise anyone wanting more info on money matters to watch this movie.

As far as the Trib™s most profitable product this year, the Cubs are currently downsizing their win column with another losing streak. What™s news is that Jim Hendry is now refusing to say whether or not Dusty Baker will be managing the second half of the season. And like other Republican organizations these days, Hendry and the Trib Co. refuse to use a timetable.

Today at Wrigley, Carlos Marmol has held the Brewers scoreless through 4, as the Cubs lead, 1-0, courtesy of a Juan Pierre solo HR off Dave Bush in the 3rd.