Writes Ben,

What’s it with all these NYC papers that think the only serious contender for Carlos Beltran is George Steinbummer? Is it really the thinking in New York that no one but the Yankees could seriously top Houston’s $81 million/6 year offer? Even the Tigers — mentioned as a Beltran suitor for I think the first time — with all that pizza money can beat that kind of deal, not to mention the Cubs. There’s quite a gap btwn. 81 million and the 200 million/10 year deal Scott Boras wants. If $81 million were all that was out there the Angels would still be bidding. I won’t be surprised if the Yanks get Beltran, but they’re hardly the favorite. The idea that the Cubs MUST dump Sosa to afford him is retarded, especially after letting Alou go. New York is tops in rats, pretzel vendors, holiday balloon parades, and nothing else.

Sorry, Ben, but you’re totally out of line with your comments about the Big Apple. I was just in New York the other day and I didn’t see a single pretzel vendor.

Of course, Chicago is tops for so many things. Baseball, football, basketball and hockey teams with no conceivable hope for the near future….and many good musicians (who are originally from Louisville).