Mike North once referred to the Cubs’ South Korean pitcher Jae Kuk Ryu as “a Chinaman“. Perhaps hoping to make a return to national headlines with a bit of Dino Costa-eque trollerly, North used the occasion of Monday’s “Fox Sports Daybreak” to take a shot or several at ESPN baseball analyst / Curt Schilling replacement Jessica Mendoza. Since Fox has deleted this portion of the broadcast from their archives (yet curiously, leaving an excerpt in which North suggests Joe Paterno continues to receive a raw deal), you’ll have to rely upon Baseball Think Factory’s transcription :

“I’ve got to tell you something folks. You know, I’ve been called every name in the book doing this job since the early 90s. Good names, bad names, and everything in between. I’ve been called everything from a pillar in the community to a guy who’s the best who did it in Chicago’s history to a racist and a sexist. I’m going to just tell you right now what everybody else doesn’t want to say, except maybe the regular fan who you see on social media: Jessica Mendoza is the worst baseball announcer who has ever announced the game of baseball. Now, if you want to call me a sexist, go ahead. But I’m an observer, and I’ve been observing and listening to baseball announcers for 20, 30, 40, 50 years. And I’ll tell you right now I don’t care if you’re Cassidy Hubbarth, I love Cassidy, Christine Brennan, Michelle Beadle, these are all people I respect, Ann Meyers, Cheryl Miller. You want me to go on? Pam Oliver. Because apparently I have to tell everybody nowadays – because of the PC crowd – the females I like before I can criticize one. If Jessica Mendoza continues on I believe someday they’re going to have to replace her, unless the rating are okay, but I don’t care. What I do now is I shut the sound down to watch that game; she’s just not a good announcer. If she was a man, she’d be (fired like) Tony Kornheiser or Dennis Miller. OK? And that’s the God honest truth about it. Period. End of Story. I listened for an inning last night, and I had to shut it off.”

Wow. Worst baseball announcer ever. You hear that, Fran Healy? You’re finally off the hook.