Writes Ben,

Wow, one World Series win and White Sox are trouncing the Cubs in genius merchandising. This bobble-head of Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf is a must for any South Side fan who can’t fit into those seats at Wrigley.

Pending the result of tonight’s Rangers/White Sox clash, The Ligues Of Their Own can move within 5 1/2 games of first place Detroit ; the Tigers, held at bay by a sextet of A’s pitchers, dropped a 9-5 decision to Oakland earlier today at Comerica. Mark Kotsay (above, left) hit a 3 run HR off Zach (Outdoor) Miner, while Milton Bradley added a 2-run shot off Aaron Ledesma.

Despite the new crab cakes on the menu at RFK, it wasn’t nearly as productive an afternoon for Ben’s Cubs, losing 7-3 to Livan Hernandez and the Nationals. Alfonso Soriano (above) continued his torrid recent pace, hitting 3 doubles, a triple, while scoring a pair of runs.

A fun little note from Buster Olney’s Saturday blog entry at ESPN.com :

Got some e-mails yesterday from folks asking if the Red Sox were, indeed, close to trading third baseman Mike Lowell for Jake Peavy. I have no idea where or how Peavy’s name came into this.

Quite possibly it was during the closing moments of Thursday’s “Baseball Tonight”, when the Lowell/Peavy rumor was mentioned, along with the teaser that Buster would have something to say about it later. And they weren’t kidding!

Following his minor flipout over being benched in favor of Carlos Quentin, the Snakes’ Gonzo wants everyone to know that he’s not selfish. But not without adding, “They’re not going to pick up my option,” he said. “Who’s going to pick up my option at $10 million? I’m not stupid. I’ve been playing long enough. I know what’s going on.” As long as they have veteran leaders focused on team goals, Arizona will be a force in baseball’s weakest division.