(much like the Sultan of Surly, a widely misunderstood, polarizing, historical figure)

Writes Ben,

Well, as both the Fall tour and the Cubs’ current West Coast tour disintegrates this week, I happen to be up north in the Bay Area and heard local KNBR morning sportsguys Murph and Mack debating

a) should Bud Selig attend the possible Ruth tying Bonds HR and
b) will Dusty Baker pitch around Bonds?

a) no, why should Selig have to attend every game until this happens and
b) no way will Trib management allow Dusty to pitch around Barry Bonds.

Given the Cubs current need to associate themselves with other teams’ great moments like Ruth’s mythical 1932 shot in Chicago, I can tell you now that Jim Hendry is already planning reenanctment moments, having the 2007 Cubs wear vintage 2006 SF Giants uniforms for opening day, and even having some of Barry Bonds’ ex-wives out to Wrigley to throw out pitches.