The Racine Journal-News’ Gerry Woeful raises the possibility of Don Nelson taking Rick Adelman’s seat on the Sacramento bench next season. What this says about the future of Nelson’s fledgling TV project, I have no idea, but Woeful also contributes the following gem :

You probably remember how Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, in response to Phoenix guard Raja Bell having thrown him to the floor during their playoff game last Tuesday night, quipped that Bell probably wasn™t hugged enough as a child.

After Game 7 of the series, when the Suns humbled the Bryant-led Lakers 121-90, I was told Bryant, as he dejectedly walked from the locker room to a post-game media conference, was approached by a woman who said, œYou look like someone who could use a hug.™™
The woman? Bell™s mother.

In the category of putting the “D” in “deceased”, the D-League’s Florida Flame have pulled up lame, the decision to shut down the franchise coming days after similar moves in Fayetteville and Roanoke.

I’m all for free expression, but in the wrong hands, Photoshop can be a very dangerous thing.