…and he might not be back in time for the Scratch Acid reunion shows, either. The following comes from medical investigator Ben Schwartz ;

A mere day after Dusty revealed he played the 1981 series with a broken hand, he’s letting a mere fractured wrist keep Derreck Lee on the disabled list for the next six weeks. Lee was injured on the same bunt as reliever Scott Eyre (also hurt), meaning the Cubs now get to walk into St. Louis without their best hitter. True, with a fractured wrist you can’t play first base, but on a Dusty Baker team, you can always make the starting rotation.

In more injury news, Tampa Bay’s Scott Kazmir had a strong outing against the Red Sox cut short earlier tonight when he left the Devil Rays’ 5-1 win in the 6th inning with what’s being described as cramps in his left hand.