(Baker offers his famous low-key style of managing to the delicate psyche of Corey Patterson.)

In the old days, Jimmy Piersall got beer tossed at him and (in the movie) had Karl Malden screaming at him for a nervous breakdown. All it took for former Cub Corey Patterson was workin’ on Dusty’s farm … but as the Caspar Wyoming Star Tribune reports today (apparently from their Baltimore desk) Patterson signed a one year/$4.3 million deal with the Orioles, continuing the O’s trust in Cubs with shaky pasts like Sosa. I always liked Patterson, so his bounce back sans Dusty is nice to see, if only because it gives me hope we can trade Prior to Baltimore real soon.

Patterson had a career-high 45 stolen bases last season and batted .276 _ 61 points higher than he hit in 2005 with the Chicago Cubs. He had 16 homers, 53 RBIs and scored 75 runs.

The 27-year-old Patterson was asking for $4.6 million, and the Orioles offered $4 million. Patterson also can make $150,000 each for 500 and 520 plate appearances.