You’d like to think that if the young Houston Astros were told to turn up for a 9 am Spring Training lecture from a universally respected figure like Roger Clemens, the entire roster would be ready with their notepads, floral bouquets, etc. Apparently, that wasn’t the case earlier today in Kissimmee, and as’s Brian McTaggart explains, manager Bo Porter will not tolerate a bunch of ingrates, punks, and/or people who actually remember, y’know, what a high-character individual Roger Clemens is.

“Obviously, as an organization we’re fortunate to have some people like Roger Clemens and Craig Biggio and different people that will come in here over the course of the year and speak to our ballclub,” Porter said. “Even that being said, we have the 9 o’clock meeting when it comes to the synergistic chemistry lab.

“Out of respect to your teammates, out of respect to the people that take time out of their day to come out there and try to do everything they can to help this organization, it’s the right thing to do to make sure you’re dressed and ready and attentive when that person shows up or when it’s time for a team meeting.”