Let’s imagine for a moment or two the challenges faced by a hypothetical bright-eyed young singer-songwriter fella who has been publicly accused of rape. Not exactly the way you’d wanna launch promo for a new album, right? Bye bye to any future Springsteen cameos!

That said, the sophisticated people behind Heavy.com are doing their part to ensure women will be doubly reluctant to air such grievances in the future, what with the frat-tard website going out of the way to a) identify one such accuser, b) publish numerous photographs of her, c) reveal her husband’s name, child’s medical condition and the family’s state of residence (and recent hospital visits).

That all of the above information was available elsewhere on the internet cannot be denied, but this brand of cyber-stalking via listicle should sicken most sensible persons. Even if it’s ultimately determined the celebrity in question is innocent, i think it is safe to say that Heavy did absolutely nothing helpful for his cause or anyone else’s. Maybe they routinely engage in this kind of staggering dumbfuckery, but you couldn’t pay me enough to find out for certain.

The specific pop star who’s been named has every legal right to face his accuser, but that doesn’t mean third parties ought to engage in a cowardly, traffic-driven campaigns of harassment and intimidation. Heavy actually usds the headline, “5 Things You Need To Know About ____ _____”. Who, precisely, needed to know any of this?