Out of the 16 CSTB Bidding War Challengers thus far, Ryan Parker’s “This One Belongs To The Reds” (mp3) is the only one to name check Todd Benzinger. Submitted by Maura Johnston who adds, “I still think ‘The Team, The Time’ is worse.”

Michael Kay, while paying homage this evening to MLB’s current leader in doubles, Mike Lowell, pronounced that the Red Sox “were practically blackmailed” into taking the former Marlins third baseman as part of the Josh Beckett trade.

Lowell, coming off a horrible 2005 and possessing an onerous contract, might’ve been unwanted by Boston and probably every other club in the big leagues, but Kay really ought to reconsider the definition of “blackmail.”

The Marlins used the leverage on hand (Beckett), but to call their bargaining position “blackmail” isn’t merely hyperbole, it shows that Kay has no fundamental understanding of the word.