From the Philadelphia Daily News’ Bob “Don’t Call Me Gerry” Cooney.

Get used to seeing clips of LSU’s Glen “Big Baby” Davis. The kid loves a mic in front of him. When asked about his diet this summer, which included organic oatmeal, he replied: “Did you ever see ‘Fear Factor’? They have to eat stuff to get a lot of money. That’s what I would say to myself. If I can eat this, someday I’ll get a lot of money.” He was, of course, talking about the NBA.

That’s funny, I thought that’s what a lot of people working for Isiah Thomas said.

Seriously, I saw Davis on TV yesterday with his “they don’t have Bill Walton, they don’t have Kareem, they don’t have Reggie Miller” spiel and the only way I’d have been more impressed is if he’d said something mean about Steve Lavin’s hair.

Florida seem well on their way to ending George Mason’s unlikely tournament run, leading 47-30 with about 12 minutes left. I’ve only seen a couple of close-up shots of Yannick Noah watching his son, but admittedly, I’ve been to the bathroom a couple of times.