From the just fucking retire, already dept. of Friday’s Biloxi Sun Herald.

Favre, in town with Steve McNair to award grants to local high school and nonprofit football organizations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, admits he has the itch to play again. It’s similar to the itch he had before returning for his 15th season, a dismal 4-12 year that left the Packers searching for a new head coach.

“Last season was a different circumstance with Deanna (winning a battle with breast cancer),” Favre said. “I do have the itch, just a different one.

“It’s not about the money and I would walk away from a lot of it. It’s about winning football games. I want to come back and win.”

Between chatting about turkey hunting and football, Favre said the decision to return lies in the hands of the Packers, who have to get better players and make a commitment to winning.

Hmmm. So he wants Green Bay to draft a QB, then?