A day after the Washington Post’s Chris Richards deemed Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta…Holy Grail’, “a data collection exercise disguised as a smartphone app capable of delivering a bundle of mediocre rap songs to your mobile device,” Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock (above) intrudes on terrain often covered by fellow NewsCorp hip hop critic Phil Mushnick.  To wit, Shawn Carter’s lyrical content, arguing “Jay-Z has worked diligently to make n*gga rap as unwittingly self-destructive and seductive as possible….unless Kevin Durant and Robinson Cano plan to moonlight as rappers, Jay-Z has nothing of value to offer them or the sports world. His marketing genius and innovation are myths.”

Jay-Z’s music is a “Cosby Show”-“New Jack City”-“MTV Cribs” mashup narrated by “Django Unchained” house slave Stephen.

Jay-Z’s success and his exalted status in the black community speak to the power of our self-hatred, delusional ignorance and unwillingness to learn from our history.

There’s always been a comfy bed, a pretty belly-warmer and a bright spotlight at the big house for the black performer willing to entertain the masses with n*gga tales.

Jay-Z is not slang for Jesus. Hova is no one’s savior. He’s a new-millennium Stephen. He’s highly compensated to spin catchy fairy tales that promote the self-destructive notion that the path out of black American poverty and into the American Dream is through the drug trade and criminality.

Our political system — on the right and left — is so bankrupt of ethics that President Obama has zero shame about embracing the king of black-denigration music.