A bunch of readers have asked how singer Ronan Tynan can be booted from Yankee Stadium for making an anti-Semitic remark in private, one for which he apologized, yet days later singer Jay-Z, who in public calls black men “n – – – – – s” and degrades women as “bitches,” performs before a World Series game in Yankee Stadium. Good question. Ask Bud SeligPhil Mushnick, NY Post , November 1, 2009

No need to trouble the Used Car Salesman, Phil. I’d love to tackle this one, and it’s a great double standard to raise given your almost pathological insistence that all modern claims of racism against African-Americans are wild exaggerations. Tynan was booted because anti-semitism is usually considered less socially acceptable than Jay-Z operating within the time honored artistic practice of writing in character. Despite an overwhelmingly negative portrait of Italian-Americans as thugs, cast members from “The Sopranos” are welcome guests in sporting venues across America. Not once have we read a word of protest from Mushnick, whose cultural wading pool is so dangerously shallow, he’s likely to still be bitching about hip-hop in 2025, if he lives that long.