Amidst predictable jokes (by me, anyway) about Brooks Conrad walking into a door, Bobby Cox’s managerial career in Atlanta came to an end this week following the Braves’ elimination at the hands of San Francisco. The Smoking Section’s J. Tinsley polled a number of ATL hip hop luminaries for their thoughts on Cox’s departure ; one of ’em, Mike Bigga (above), wasn’t quite ready to pay unqualified homage to the veteran skipper, declaring “I™m just ecstatic the Braves can start looking for a manager who is dedicated to winning the World Series, not just getting there.”

The Braves need batters! We need to get serious about getting some batters, like some real bats in there. You know, and this is not to sound too crazy because I know this is the age where everybody is hyper-sensitive, but we™re a pretty white-washed team. We need some Japanese players, some Latin players, some Black players. We need to try some different ingredients! That plain old tomato soup and vanilla ice cream just ain™t doing what it used to do [Laughs]. But for real, we need bats and we need a Joe Torre-esque type manager. The Braves for the past 15-20 years have always been good, decent, good enough, excellent at times, but I think we need someone who is going to command excellence and win. We deserve championships in Atlanta.

Oh yeah, we need to get rid of those ridiculous ass New York Yankee colors Atlanta Braves hats! Bring the red bill hat back, man! That™s what we™re about. We don™t need to just play in those on Sundays. The hat that the cap is blue, the ˜A™ is white, the button on the top is red and the beak of the hat is red “ the traditional Braves cap. Get rid of that wack ass Braves hat with the tomahawk and get rid of that New York Yankees fighter cap!