Perhaps forgetting the condition of John Wetteland’s headwear during the relievers tenure as Yankee closer, the YES Network’s Michael Kay has alleged the smudgy cap of Cliff Lee gives the Rangers starter an unfair competitive advantage. Weary of Kay’s narrow worldview, the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman (above) suggests the broadcaster is doing his employers a disservice.

If you are looking at this from a Texas Rangers perspective, you perceive this accusation as coming directly from an employee of the Yankees. The Bombers not only own a piece of the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network, but must sign off on all their broadcasters.

On the flip side, if you are looking at this from inside the Yankees clubhouse, you might be asking: Why is Kay gift-wrapping prime bulletin-board material, albeit the audio variety, for our opponents? It’s not a great idea to give Lee, and the Rangers, any added motivation.

Especially when a 28th world championship would not only be great for the Yankees, but would translate into huge bucks for YES, in terms of advertising revenue and subscriber fees. Get it? This success has a gush-down effect. It’s good for Kay, too. Still, he has a right (duh) to express his opinion. It’s doubtful Yankees brass, and the Ayatollahs running Al Yankzeera, are thrilled about Kay going off the reservation.

And since Kay has accused Lee of doing something “illegal,” will he go on YES’ pregame show tonight, or before Lee pitches Game No. 3 Monday at the Stadium, and make the same accusation? That would show he’s committed to his opinion and believes it’s credible.

Then again, someone at YES may tell Kay he’s already made his point.

Especially inside the Rangers’ clubhouse.